J-Tec Material Handling.
Your process partner for handling solids and liquids.

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J-Tec Material Handling.
Your process partner for handling solids and liquids.

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08 June 2018
J-Tec Material Handling supplies process installation for Kaneka Belgium’s award winning investment
Foreign Investment of the Year Last year, Kaneka invested in new cutting-edge production facilities for Kaneka MS Polymer™ and its expanded polyolefin foam, Eperan™. This resulted in winning the prestigious Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy 2018 at FIT’s Foreign Investment Trophy. Kaneka Belgium selected J-Tec as a supplier for the process handling installation of their new production lines in Westerlo-Oevel, and we are very proud to have contributed to this amazing achievement.  
J-Tec project scope J-Tec provides conveying systems for all raw materials, including intermediate storage, feeding towards the production line and finished product handling towards packaging systems. To reach optimal process controllability, extra attention is paid to high quality design and execution of the integrated process components.
The projects started at the end of 2017, and both state-of-the-art production facilities are expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2019. Read all about the projects here and here.
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28 May 2018
Warehouse at Lieven Gevaertstraat is closed - New delivery address
ENG - Friday morning 25/05 there was a fire in the production hall of J-Tec Material Handling. Nobody was hurt, there is only material damage. Cause of the fire is unknown and is currently being investigated. Despite of this event our teams are fully operational. All existing telephone numbers remain active. The warehouse at Lieven Gevaertstraat is currently closed. Order and invoice address remains the same. Deliveries can be done at the following address: Schomhoeveweg 5 (loods A1), 2030 Antwerpen Google Maps Luithagen Magazijn A1, contact person: Marc Kempeneers +32 3 660 5195 and Christoph Van Haeren +32 660 5143 mobile +32 492 74 69 99 Thank you for your understanding. NL - Vrijdagochtend 25/05 is er een brand ontstaan in de productiehal van J-Tec Material Handling. Er raakte niemand gewond, er is enkel materiële schade. Oorzaak van de brand is onbekend en wordt momenteel onderzocht. Ondanks de omstandigheden zijn onze teams volledig operationeel. Alle bestaande telefoonnummers blijven actief. Het magazijn in de Lieven Gevaertstraat is momenteel gesloten. Bestel- en facturatieadres blijft hetzelfde. Leveringen kunnen gebeuren op het volgende adres: Schomhoeveweg 5 (loods A1), 2030 Antwerpen Google Maps Luithagen Magazijn A1, contactpersoon: Marc Kempeneers +32 3 660 5195 en Christoph Van Haeren +32 660 5143 mobiel +32 492 74 69 99 Alvast bedankt voor uw begrip.
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potato starch production lines
05 March 2018
J-Tec Material Handling supplies potato starch production lines for Cargill-AKV I/S
Cargill-AKV I/S selected J-Tec as a supplier for their new potato starch production line in Denmark. In order to offer the best quality in various applications, this new line will be able to process the potato starch in different ways. Scope J-Tec provided storage silos for both the intermediate and finished product, liquid tanks, separators, mixers, and hygienic control (sieve, magnet and sampling). In order to fit the new production line in the existing building, the storage silos were installed on top of the building. J-Tec also delivered the complete Cleaning In Place (CIP) system for the cleaning of the installation. For the overall installation, extra attention is paid to optimal water purification and low waste of water. Assembly started end 2017, and the production line is expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2018. Read more about the project here
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04 January 2018
Construction of six wind turbines at Katoen Natie, Loghidden City, Kallo
Katoen Natie recently developed a 216 hectare site into an active logistics park. The area is used as a 23 MW PV plant, and now has six wind turbines with a height of 185 meters each on the limited available surface. Contribution to a sustainable environment The turbines, with a total installed capacity of 19 MW, generate about 52 GWh per year. This comes down to the yearly electricity consumption of 13.000 households. In combination with the solar panels, Katoen Natie utilizes its assets as sustainable as possible, contributing to limit CO2 emission and helping to achieve the climate targets. Partnerships in creating green energy In order to exploit a wind farm, a strict 24/7 follow-up by highly trained people and highly professional equipment is required. There we found a partnership with EDF Luminus, who is the largest windmill constructor in Belgium. Together with their manufacturer, they built six high-tech wind turbines on Loghidden City. This project is EDF Luminus’ largest one ever executed on an industrial site. A challenge One of the key requirements was to keep the site operational during the construction period. The terminal is very active, as hundreds of trucks are loaded and unloaded every day. In order to meet this requirement the largest components were delivered only just in time, and were transported during night on trailers of up to 66 meters long. In addition, the wind turbine foundations are located very close to the warehouses, which causes the least obstruction. Inauguration On December 14 2017, Deputy prime minister and minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs Kris Peeters inaugurated the six windturbines. Watch the video: construction of wind turbines at Katoen Natie Kallo
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Dallas plastics packaging facility
01 December 2017
Katoen Natie breaks ground on Dallas plastic packaging facility
Warehouse space with railroad access Upon start-up, the facility will have at least 250,000 square feet of warehouse space that may expand to up to 2.5MM square feet of space as warranted by market conditions. The space will have direct railroad acces, served by Union Pacific. Scheduled for completion in the third quarter 2018, this facility will become Katoen Natie's 20th NAFTA location. Producers will ship bulk railcars of plastic resin pellets to the warehouse where the pellets will be packaged and loaded into intermodal containers. After a short trip to the adjacent intermodal terminal, Union Pacific's Dallas to Dock service will transport the containers to ocean ports via premium intermodal service. Container availability "We are committed to providing service solutions to the petrochemical industry", said Kenny Rocker, Union Pacific Vice President & General Manager - Industrial. "Katoen Natie's Dallas location alligns with container availability, a core need of our customer base. From Dallas, Union Pacific's premium intermodal services deliver to the West Coast where producers are able to export to global destinations." "The Dallas facility will assist our customers in diversifying their export channels to global markets", said Frank Vingerhoets, President of Katoen Natie USA. Read more about it here
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Process Engineering

Our material handling and process engineering solutions are provided to leading players in the chemical and food industries all over the world. We design, supply, build and maintain processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids. We deliver single process lines as well as complete turnkey installations.


Who we are

Founded in 1970, and incorporated by Katoen Natie in 1999, J-Tec has been active as a supplier of material handling and process engineering solutions for almost 50 years. These many decades of experience and international expertise makes us an established partner for customers in food and chemical industries around the globe.
Our strength lies in the personal approach we bring to every single project. J-Tec is supplier independent, so we can guarantee a customized solution for every challenge. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach; instead we listen to you and use our in-house knowledge and tools to develop a tailored solution for your project.
More than just being your supplier, J-Tec is your partner during the complete process: starting from the conceptual design, on through detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing, up until installation and commissioning, and if required training and maintenance.



We stand for inventiveness and do our utmost to bring added value to our customers’ solutions. We force ourselves to be one step ahead with regard to ergonomics, safety and specification compliance, in order to guarantee maximum quality and optimum OPEX/CAPEX balance. These objectives, combined with constant concern for fast and flexible service, allow us to enhance and improve our customer care.


J-Tec has an integrated HSEQ management system. We are ISO 9001:2015 and SCC certified in order to support your business in working effectively, efficiently and safely, and to ensure stable and healthy financial growth.

SCC (VCA) is a European program for companies that provide services in hazardous environments, such as construction or material handling. This certification is your guarantee of high standards for safety, health and environmental care.

Internal audits are held on a regular basis to ensure that the procedures and quality management system are known and applied throughout the company.

VCA and ISO 9001 verified

Turnkey & greenfield solutions

Greenfield & Turnkey projects

Together with our affiliated Supply Chain Engineering business unit, J-Tec can deliver complete greenfield, turnkey projects. From design to final commissioning, we take care of all civil engineering, infrastructure and process parts of the project.
Our parent company Katoen Natie is established worldwide. This widespread presence offers many advantages, including in-depth knowledge of local customs and extensive contacts with local suppliers.

Responsible business

J-Tec Material Handling is committed to waste reduction, recycling and reuse of energy at both its offices and on site. We hold excellence in safety, quality and health in the workplace as a core value, and believe that all injuries are preventable.

Read our corporate sustainability responsibility policy.

Corporate responsibility
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